About Me

Growing up, there was always cameras and photo albums placed around the house. We carried them from state to state revealing the adventurous, stylish, quality time we had with each other. Sophistication and elegance is what I had seen and what I have associated with because my family has worked hard to live and to have the things they’ve always dreamed of. But, this is not always a representation of the melanin. We’re represented through the media from a perspective, that's not our own, as poor, lazy, or of extremely high class. Not the unalike.  Seeing these representations drove me to  document what I see. 

My family background is my main contribution to how I perceive. My mom taught me about design, how certain lines and shapes fit certain bodies, my brother taught me about having your own voice and being opinionated, and my wonderful grandparents taught me about respect and presentation. Collectively my cultural and family history contributes to my observations alongside with my own personal values that I've gained and experienced. 

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